Japanese ART Koi surface fish pond Feng shui PAINTING

Japanese ART Koi surface fish pond Feng shui PAINTING

Japanese ART Koi surface fish pond Feng shui PAINTING
Get Vendio Gallery - Now FREE! Artist McKenzie known as "Hollywood Charity Artist" to the Stars! Winner "Best Mixed Media Artist" 1st Annual Artv Fine Art Awards. The Recession has a bright side! Become a Collector for less than half of the Gallery Price! Eco Art All paints and sealants are Non-Toxic/Organic.

"Orange Koi with Water Flower". (larger custom sizes available, please inquire). ARTIST: MCKENZIE (Google: "Artist McKenzie"). MATERIALS: Oil paint and ink on gallery wrapped stretched canvas/ Hand Embellished/ Ltd.

Painting may be hung on the wall without framing -- black block finished edges. The artwork is subject to slight variations as our artist embellishes and paints each painting by hand and computer monitors vary. CERTIFICATE: This painting is signed, dated and numbered by the Artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

This artwork is Registered at the National Fine Arts Title Registry. And comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and unique registration number. Artist McKenzie with another of her creations! Registered Certificate with Gallery Value.

Paintings a must for any collector, great detail and perspective of Tuscany!! TUSCANY ART ORIGINAL OIL MCKENZIE NR PAINTING VENICE (#140102780813). Beautiful Tuscany Paintings, we loved the first so much we bought three more! TUSCANY ART ORIGINAL OIL MCKENZIE NR PAINTING WINNER! OIL MCKENZIE PAINTING TIGER WOODS (#140085162869). Excellent painting and needs no frame!

Unable to describe how AMAZING and BREATHTAKING - Absolutely Beautiful!! So realistic, yet more beautiful! A+A+A+A+++The Koi look soo real! These paintings are collectors items!! Another beautiful painting - thanks!

Beautiful painting, good communication - thanks! Awesome vendor, picture is better than I had hoped 4 -- (#140034259885).

Another stunning painting WOW better in real life then the ad shows Thanks -- (#140027807595). ANOTHER WONDERFUL PAINTING AAAAAAAAAAAAA+ -- (#140023093343). Will Do business with again!!! The name "giclee" is pronounced "jeeclay" and comes from a French word meaning spray. The name describes perfectly the process used by large format specialty printers specifically designed to produce fine art reproductions. These specialty printers are able to use archival quality ink on 100% rag watercolor paper, canvas support or other fine media. Giclee printers spray millions of microscopic drops of ink per second which produces even higher resolutions than traditional lithography. The combination of intense spray, high resolution imaging, and a glorious range of color inks results in fine art reproductions with dense saturated color, crisp detail, on quality support mediums.

Giclee prints are so good it can be difficult to tell them apart from original artwork. What does it mean when a Giclee is hand embellished? Hand embellishment is a process where the artist manually adds medium or materials to a reproduction or print. Hand embellishment is unique to each piece.

When a print is hand embellished, each print then becomes a one-of-a-kind work of art. For example, a painter may apply medium to an entire print, or only sections or parts of it. Not surprisingly prices are considerably higher for hand embellished prints, reflecting the uniqueness each piece of art. How is a Giclee print made?

A high quality digital scan is made either from the original artwork or from a professional 4" x 5" photo transparency and transferred to a computer. The scan captures incredible detail and color resolution. Using professional image software the digital image is then cropped and sometimes other corrections or adjustments are made, too. This process is very detailed as well as complicated and can take hours or days. When the digital image is ready it is transferred to a special large format-inkjet printer which can print up to 40 x 60.

These specialty printers use archival prints and papers specifically designed for fine art reproductions. How is lightfastness testing done?

Is the independent industry leader which conducts accelerated light exposure and dark aging tests to determine comparative life expectancy and stability. WIR has tested and rated the ink, watercolor media and canvas used in combination to produce the limited edition Giclee prints which are produced from my paintings, and gives a permanence ratings of between 61 years and 175 years printed on archival watercolor media framed under glass with a UV filter. You and your family will enjoy this artwork for generations! The item "Japanese ART Koi surface fish pond Feng shui PAINTING" is in sale since Thursday, March 31, 2011. This item is in the category "Art\Paintings".

The seller is "equakeman" and is located in Lake Forest, California. This item can be shipped worldwide.

Japanese ART Koi surface fish pond Feng shui PAINTING

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